autosomal genetics… may represent “recent” flows and endogamous homogenizations not always easy to discern, anyhow, the former often informs us of ancient patterns which are usually blurred in the autosomal data and the phylogeny…

Also the autosomal data can be very imprecise, confused and contradictory; in most cases I do not see any sort of cross-validation checks that justify the choice of K-level, in other cases I see how small endogamous populations cope the clusters: almost one for each, while large more exogamous ones remain undifferentiated. It is a data point but you can’t read too much in it, especially not if you are careless about cross-validation and do not test your hypothesis with formal f3 tests, something seldom done. After all it is just an algorithm designed to simplify massive amounts of highly complex data into a simplified visual graph, and every simplification departs from reality. The map is not the territory.

via For what they were… we are: Y-DNA R1a spread from Iran.